Your strength in software testing!
BCN-testing supplies products and services in the field of testing and quality assurance for IT and implement projects in these areas. The test projects are implemented by the customer.

BCN supports companies, which are in the Dutch top 200, and at testing of new construction and maintenance.

Testing and crafts.
The employees have knowledge of structured test methods such as TMap, Test Frame of STEP and knowledge of CMM-SPI, TMM, ASTM, ITIL, SDM, etc. The testing also find place in a vision:
"A (strong) changing its software development testing the quality anchor in the development process"

Theory and Reality.
Theory is at the service of structured testing. Only by combining theory with an analytical and methodical process a balancing test can be performed. Objective here is to ensure the quality and functionality to ensure using real test, which was set up quickly and efficiently in a short time frame to be implemented. Tevens staat de realiteit hierbij centraal met de volgende kernvragen: Also the reality here stands central with the following key questions:

- The relative importance of the Information System for your organization
- The user desired / expected functionality
- The resources available capacity, time and budget
- The quality of the produced true test